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Airport Fence Airport Fence
Airport Fence Airport Fence

Airport Fence

Based on the "V" shape top with razor wire, this system offers economically priced perimeter protection. Due to the special design of the fence, this system is very hard to speel or break, and more secure than the common wire mesh fence. 

This product is providing highest perimeter security for an affordable price.

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Product Description

Welded Mesh Panel and Razor Wire series


The welded mesh panel is welded by 4.0mm 5.0mm strong carbon steel wire. The mesh size is 50mmx100mm. The panel has V-beam that can enhance the unti-wallop; The post is 60mmx60mmx2.5mm square tube, "V" shape support will be welded at the top; 

This product is all hot dipped galvanized and then electrostatic powder coated(considering about the cost, elctric dipped galvanized and then heavy PVC coated is also acceptable); The colors will be RAL6005(other colors are also available); After double layer high quality unti-corrupt, the longevity will be 10 years long; The fence top will be put hot dipped galvanized razor wire(stainless steel material is also available), which will enhance the safety and also looks beautiful.

Y post:

Square Post:60*60mm

Thickness:  2.0mm 2.5mm

Surface:    Galvanized and electrostatic polyester powder coating

Length:     2700mm+550mmV  3100mm+550mmV

Top Concertina Razor Wire:


Hot Dipped Galvanized,

Outside Diameter:500mm 600mm 700mm

Clips: 3